SCHÖNBÄCHLER (SCH) INVESTMENTS SÀRL 


  1. We quickly respond to all inquiries provided these inquiries are submitted via our online Project Finance Inquiry form and the form is correctly completed.
  2. No third party would be allowed unless clearly spelled out before the issuance of the funding agreement 
  3. Detailed documentation of the third party must be forwarded to our company before any correspondence for our record purpose
  4. We do not delegate executive time to an inquiry until your project, as expressed in your fully completed written Project Finance Application form, has been thoroughly evaluated by our analysts.
  5. Escrows or escrow agents are selected by the law and insurance department of our Investment company, we will not entertain any other escrow outside what is stipulated by Law and Insurance department.
  6. To ensure our executives do not waste time on unrealistic inquiries we do not enter discussions in any form until we have a full understanding of your project's potential and risks. We, therefore, do not offer meetings, hold telephone discussions or return telephone calls until we have thoroughly evaluated your project.
  7. Please do not send us additional communications during the application phase as it delays the application process.
  8. We do not finance projects valued at less than $1,000,000, we do not finance acquisitions and we do not finance projects in countries mentioned in this list
  9. All our official communications are in English. We do not offer a translation service.

Companies Policies:

  • Borrowers are not allowed to dictate the project funding procedure

  • Our company would not accept any form of Bank guarantee because most of these guarantee are not honored by our banks 

  • We would not respond to improperly addressed emails. Especially emails wrote in one line, which does not state sender name, a project that requires funding, amount, duration the loan is required, confirmation that our procedures are understood.

  • Emails received that clearly states the sender is not willing to follow our procedures stated above, would be ignored. 

  • The client's Executive Summary must be simple but precise in providing information regarding the project and its financial request for funding.

  • All projects must be submitted online via this link or otherwise stated

  • We would only be interested to deal with attorneys who are  conversant with International alternative funding programs because most of the lawyers are deal-killers, they have no idea how alternate finance works

  • Funds from our loan program can be held by the client's company only for the duration agreed on the signed DOA. Any default in repayment on the client's part outside Insurance Coverage will attract legal prosecution from our legal department.

  • All projects will be monitored by our company, to ensure strict adherence and financial responsibility.

  • We can arrange for a reasonable moratorium on repayments for Project and cash flowing stabilization. (Determined on a case-by-case basis).

  • For certain international projects, a refundable deposit may be required and the percentage deposit would depend on the Risk involved in funding such projects

Physical Application Request (EU & United States & International Borrower Applications Only)
Scheduling a Physical Application

Clients with EU, United States & International  Projects who prefer to appear in person rather than apply online as stated above, it's imperative you make a Physical Application only by:

  • Contact should be initiated with our company 3weeks before application
  • Email us your travel document and itinerary so that we may schedule an appointment for your visit to our office.
  • During your visit to our office, we would provide you with the necessary application forms to complete and return back to us.
  • We would refer you to an Attorney who would assist you in getting the necessary documents to aid you in opening a bank account at the financial institution that accepts your loan request.
  • You would be visiting the Bank periodically with the Attorney until the new account is successfully registered. You are then to proceed with making a Security Deposit
  • (same as indicated on the Online Application requirement above) to your new account, for your loan request to be processed within a maximum of 20days.
  • When the loan is approved and funds made available to your account, you may withdraw or wire the funds to any beneficiary account of your choice.


  • A Physical Application for the United States and international clients requires the client to be present through the entire loan processing. This total duration for processing may be up to 20days, depending on the client's speed in providing the required documentation for the application.
  • Accommodation, Attorney fees and Utility bills incurred during the entire process are the applicants' sole responsibility.