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How is project financing different from other financing methods?

In most cases, lenders look to the future cash flow of the project as the primary source of repayment.  What serves as collateral security are the project’s assets, rights, and interests.  Project financing is also referred to as non- or limited recourse finance because lenders have no or limited re…

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5 Things Startup Investors Look for Before Investing

Many entrepreneurs get anxious when it comes to raising outside capital for the first time. The process is not for the meek, as most experienced investors tend to be smart, skeptical and diligent in reviewing opportunities presented to them. Despite the wide variety of startups they may see, the tru…

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Steps to Take In Chossing a Corporate Escrow Company

Choosing a corporate escrow company to manage your transaction requires some due diligence. Because an escrow is designed to protect all parties involved, it’s a good practice to authenticate the expertise, level of security and standards of customer service that you expect from the company that w…

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How Escrow Works

It takes money to make money. But with all the scams around, especially surrounding project funding, an EUROPE escrow Account or other designated firms that are secured by the Insurance arm of our Investment firm, is an established procedure that can provide protection for both sides in the transact…

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How to Minimize Escrow Account Fraud

Many investors/borrowers think when they put their funds into an escrow account, the funds will be safe and secure. However, the article below proves otherwise.  This Palm Beach real estate developer along with his lawyer swindled $50 million from Chinese and Iranian investors for the EB-5 program. …

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Differences between a Recourse Loan and a Non Recourse Loan.

Out of ignorance, or translation errors, most wannabe brokers, intermediaries and some prospective clients, more often than not, confuse the term NON RECOURSE LOAN, with a loan that does not need to be paid back, and this is not the case. A loan is a loan, and ALWAYS needs to be paid back.


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