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Funding Approach

We help entrepreneurs to quickly and reliably secure project finance and accelerate their commercial success in Europe, US and emerging markets worldwide.

Getting through the gauntlet of raising capital. We provide access to diverse sources of impact capital, vetting or due diligence services, business development and investment facilitation services to growing Europe, US and international companies.  This includes term loans, equity investment, technical assistance grants, and other forms of non-traditional capital such as convertible debt, quasi-equity, revenue contracts and working capital lines of credit, loan guarantees, and more.

Our focus is on renewable resources — energy, food, water, materials, Hotel, Real Estate but we are open to any industry that delivers social and/or environmental benefits.

We experience to structure complex and sophisticated deals. Our borrowers include business owners, real estate investors, and homeowners—individuals or companies seeking relief from foreclosure or bankruptcy who do not meet the strict criteria of conventional lenders or those who are simply in need of quick, discrete cash.

Whether your business vision needs project financing, venture capital funding, equity financing or any other type of investment funding, our coverage is global and includes a wide range of industry segments. SEIFERT & SCHÖNBÄCHLER INVESTMENTS  is very focused on any sectors and also Green energy projects, we offer clients a vast amount of experience in both renewable and conventional energy projects.

Our strength comes from in-depth industry expertise, long-lasting connections with highly diversified funding sources, and a talented team that shares the same solution-focused mindset. As your advocate, we bring you the most competitive financing instrument. We can do that because we work directly with such a diversified group of investors and lenders. It is through a culture of mutual accountability and commitment to excellence that we meet your financing needs. 

Whether you’re in need of raising working capital for new start enterprises or releasing urgent life-blood for your business (cash-flow finance), or releasing locked or stagnant capital you may hold in existing assets,  SEIFERT & SCHÖNBÄCHLER INVESTMENTS can assist you in many different ways, all bespoke to your requirements. 

If you have dormant or stagnant assets (fine arts and antiques to real estate freeholds or long-lease property), tenders, contracts or non-tangible assets, our team of experienced financiers can help you utilise and maximise those resources to your best advantage. That may mean raising capital against them in hard cash or for trade indemnities and other types of guarantee requirements.

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