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Renewable Energy Projects Funding

The need for alternative energy is on the rise. Incentives for providing these resources are also multiplying. Over the last several years, substantial growth has been enjoyed by the green renewable energy project development industry.  Funding programs for financing wind farms, biodiesel/ethanol plants, solar power, hydro and more has been crucial in the ongoing development of these facilities. 100% programs including Debt and Equity, Joint Ventures and Partnership are popular methods of getting developments out of the ground, operational and This growth is anticipated to continue and phenomenally increase in the years to follow in response to the global warming threat and the current power situation in the United States and the world. The growth of financing green renewable energy development project funding will also be required in the U.S. as well as internationally. Debt and Equity opportunities will abound in the years to come for these timely endeavours. The improving credit ratings of countless power purchasers and off-takers along with the increasingly favourable tax regulation incentivizing environmentally beneficial power production, more green project financing for funding renewable energy developments can be anticipated.

The closer to "shovel ready" the better for most developments. Before anything can be evaluated, one of the first steps is to develop an in-depth analysis of the executive summary and/or business Pro-forma for the project. For initial submission, this document should not exceed three to five pages and include the salient points an equity investor or debt lender would be interested in including but not limited to: resumes, financial projections, concise description of the plan, permits, zoning approvals, power purchase agreements (PPAs) and off-take agreements. Usually, a developer must hire a specialized consultant to conduct an independent feasibility study. These studies will analyze the perpetual resource data and should demonstrate sustainability and the financial feasibility for the long term. These studies will scrutinize detail in technical, financial and other aspects and are critical to the lender in its risk analysis of the proposed development plan. The loan usually will be collateralized by all assets, including a lien on the facilities and real estate, assignment of operating revenues; liens on all personal property, fixtures, equipment and assignment of all power purchase agreements (PPAs) off-take agreements and permits, including any letters of credit or performance bonds to which the borrower is the beneficiary. 

Capitalizing on specialized financing for funding renewable green energy development projects helps to conserve as well as reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Since these technologies do not emit hazardous greenhouse gasses, they also help protect our earth's threatened environment. Systems utilizing clean power play an extremely important role in affordably powering homes, businesses, governments, cities and factories. Renewable sources of power can obviously combine efficiency and clean power generation produced to feed the grid, operate facilities and fill our fuel tanks. Looking at the smaller scale, efficient buildings with their own power generation abilities can reduce peak consumption demand and reduce the necessity for expensive new grid generating capacity, transmission, and distributions lines as our demands grow. 

The 100% debt and equity financing programs for funding is available for qualifying green renewable energy projects. There are specific criteria that a project must meet to qualify for this and we are available to discuss with you. We are available to help the developer meet the requirements and address any questions or concerns regarding this financial program. This is a real opportunity to guarantee the sustainability of the project and insure clean power well into the future.  Click here to